Maggie Irwin

clinical and therapeutic hynotherapist

Telephone: 07749 727512

Treatments and Fees

Suggestion Therapy

Suggestion Therapy can be used for simpler issues such as nail biting, pre-test nerves, relaxation, smoking, weight issues, confidence boosting, etc., and generally require only one or two sessions, with perhaps a booster later on.

Suggestion Therapy Fees

£50-00 per session

Stop Smoking!

Hypnotherapy is a fast, effective and powerful tool for the permanent eradication of
unwanted habits and smoking is probably the easiest!

The physical addiction to cigarettes is less than 10% - the rest is all in the mind, which
can be re-educated!

I explain how your subconscious has created such a dangerous habit and remind you of the dangers to mind and body of smoking and how hypnosis will help you stop forever.

If you have a genuine desire to quit, you will leave here as a non-smoker for good - and with no cravings!

Smoking Cessation

£130 for a 90-minute session

Weight Issues

The most common causes of being overweight relate to attitudes towards food. It's not just a matter of choice but also a matter of conditioning from childhood and throughout life - hypnotherapy and NPL can help you address this.

Gain the strength and motivation to change your attitudes towards eating - it’s not so difficult once the subconscious better understands the role of food.

Hypnotherapy will also help you with related emotional issues, body image, negative thinking, early childhood habits, improper nutrition, lack of motivation to exercise, snacking, eating too quickly, eating too late, skipping meals, binging and more.

Hypnotherapy for Weight Issues

£50.00 per session




Analytical Therapy

Analytical Therapy is generally used to discover the cause of a psychological problem; however I can also mix both Suggestion Therapy and Analytical Therapy.

Emotional issues respond particularly well to Hypnotherapy.

Depending on the issues that the person brings to their hypnotherapy sessions it may be they will need several sessions. Please be assured, however, thatI will only offer you sessions where and when needed.

Analytical Therapy Sessions

£50 per session
(A first Hypnotherapy session lasts 90 minutes; further sessions are 60 minutes)

Life Coaching

Clarify your ambitions and identify the strengths that you already have within you and build upon them to provide a strong foundation for a better life.

As your coach I will help you set compelling and achievable goals and provide you with clear action plans to achieve them, whilst keeping you motivated, focused and overcoming any obstacles that stand in your way.

Create a harmonious balance between all the different aspects of your life, combined with clear directions for you to take with you to your bright new future.

The initial consultation is free and lasts 30 minutes during which time we’ll discuss what you want to achieve and how coaching can help. I’ll ensure you are aware of what I am committed to do as your coach - and also what commitments you are expected to make.

Life Coaching Sessions

The intial consultation is free and lasts 30 minutes

Life Coaching Session Single (One-Hour Session) - £50.00

Book Life Coaching Sessions in Advance (4 One-Hour Sessions) - £190.00 (save £10)

Book Life Coaching sessions in Advance (8 One-Hour Sessions) - £370.00 (save £30)


All sessions take place on my premises in Barnsley, South Yorkshire but I also occasionally offer a mobile service for clients - however I add a fee of £5.00 extra for this service due to increases in petrol prices and VAT.

I appreciate that clients are often busy with work or domestic commitments during the day so I run evening and weekend appointments up until 9pm.


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