Maggie Irwin

clinical and therapeutic hynotherapist

Telephone: 07749 727512


"When I saw Maggie for hypnotherapy to assist me with my fear of dentists I didn't know what to expect at first but I felt so welcome and really safe.

"Today I had to have been to the dentist for the first time in years I never managed to relax enough before, but today was brilliant.

"I can’t believe how it went I would recommend hypnotherapy to anybody with the same problem and especially with Maggie Irwin thank you so much."
- Melony Topp, Sheffield

"After just one session of hypnotherapy with Maggie, I overcame my fear of needles I remembered things from childhood that led to me having the fear.

"I was so very surprised and such a sceptic before my hypnotherapy session but what a revelation. I have been telling everyone I know about Maggie Irwin, she is such a special person."
- Don Flemming, Benidorm

"...I have been on every diet known to man.
Hypnotherapy was recommended to me by my friend who had been to see Maggie back in March 2009. She lost an amazing 4 stone and looks fantastic.

"I saw Maggie soon after for four sessions and have been really motivated since and I joined my local gym and actually stayed with my programme. In the past I got bored very easily and left.

"Now I am eating healthier foods and smaller amounts and feel wonderful I just can’t believe how well I feel, I have to say hypnotherapy has really, really worked for me and my friend.
"We both recommend weight loss through hypnotherapy."
- Dawn Collins, Dewsbury


"Many thanks for your assistance Maggie, even after just one appointment with you. You set me on the right path I know longer eat crap and stuff my face, I used to throw up every time I over-ate which was every day I stopped immediately which was so amazing."
- Molly Hart, Goldthorpe


"After two sessions with Maggie my eating habits and mind – set around food entirely changed. I discovered hypnosis was so relaxing and together with the subsequent weight loss my self - esteem and confidence have grown.

"Nine months on I am still losing weight and buying new clothes every week. I have lost three dress
sizes - amazing - and my friends have noticed and are envious. I have pointed them in the direction of Maggie Irwin, she is marvellous."
- Mia Hyland, Wombwell

"Thanks Mag - after smoking for over 22 years and trying all the gum and patches which did not work... in just one session with you I quit. It did the trick it’s been well over a year since I had a cigarette and it's been so easy."
- Tommy Baker, Barnsley

Within an hour after my first hypnotherapy session with you I was being tested as I went to see some friends who all smoked.

"I was shocked that I did not want a cigarette and I actually did not feel deprived at all.

"Two weeks on I have no inclination or urge to smoke ever again you I am a non – smoker. Brilliant. I feel relaxed around smokers and I am reassured that life without cigarettes is comfortable and natural.

"I have been telling everyone I know about you, once again I would like to thank you."
- Sam Thorsby, Chesterfield

"I used to smoke between 40 and 50 per day, for over 40 years and after my first session with Maggie I didn't want a cigarette. I am now a non-smoker. WOW. Ta very much Maggie you’re a star."
- Lucy Bennett, Kendray

"It was hard to admit to myself that I needed to talk to someone in order to a deal with my issues. I made the choice to seek help with Maggie Irwin she made me feel comfortable immediately and dealt with me in a patient, confidential and caring manner.

"I was nervous at first but it helped me to deal with my issues and I am very happy with the outcome and indeed I feel a lot better person for it."
- Shelly Lane, Bolsover

"I came to see Maggie as I had been experiencing stress for many years, even when there wasn't anything to be stressed about!

"Maggie helped me to get to the root of my problem I am now rid of all the tension and stress that overwhelmed me for years.

"I really feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders and am now in control of my feelings and my life."
- Jean Smith, Manvers

"After an intensely stressful year including the death of my dad after a long illness and extra work responsibilities, I started to suffer anxiety and panic attacks. These became frequent I could not go out and socialise and was unable to work.

"I had suffered from panic attacks before and was treated through medication but this time I went to Maggie on the recommendation of a friend hoping hypnotherapy could offer me an alternative to medication.

"At the first session, I was very anxious that my issues had made me scared of new situations but Maggie quickly lowered my anxiety levels... Her caring and professional manner gave me the confidence to move forward.

"Directly following the first session I became aware that I felt calmer and relaxed. Part of me expected that I would have another panic attack, but as the following weeks progressed I didn’t experience one attack – however there where sometimes times when I felt anxious, but I was able to control the anxiety and prevent it from spiralling out of control.

"With subsequent sessions, I continued to improve to point that I now have regained complete control of my life and I am able to take on new situations which I would have avoided prior to the hypnotherapy sessions. I haven’t had a panic attack since my first meeting with Maggie I am so amazed.

"I went to Maggie with an open mind but wasn’t expecting any major improvement with my issues.

I was - and I am still - amazed at the difference that the sessions with Maggie; it’s unbelievable the difference hypnotherapy has made to my well-being.

"I would strongly recommend hypnotherapy sessions with Maggie to anyone who has experienced similar anxiety or stress related issues."

- Timothy Gaunt, Cudworth

"I went to Maggie Irwin with issues around claustrophobia. I got stuck in a lift about about 10 years ago and would only go in lifts when there were other people in it. After just one session with Maggie I left her office and used the lift by myself. You can’t imagine how my fear held me a prisoner for so long. I am so grateful thank you so much. Hypnosis worked for me, believe me I am the most sceptical person around but it worked”.

"Maggie is an intuitive and creative coach. She is extremely caring which is highlighted in her listening and questioning skills. She is warm and humorous and makes you feel safe and soon puts you at ease."

- Mel Stone, Barnsley

After just one session of hypnotherapy with Maggie, I overcame my fear of needles.
Now I am eating healthier foods and smaller amounts and feel wonderful...I have to say hypnotherapy has really worked.