Maggie Irwin

clinical and therapeutic hynotherapist

Telephone: 07749 727512

Biography and Professional Background

Professional Background and Approach

Based in Barnsley near Sheffield, South Yorkshire, I've worked in the caring professions both in the private and public sector for the past thirty years and have always been interested in combining orthodox and complimentary therapies while enabling and supporting clients in their own journeys of self-help.

I can offer clients assistance in dealing with stress, anxiety, depression and panic attacks, alongside other issues.

I'm also able to assist clients in developing and maintaining their own self confidence and self esteem.

I incorporate within my work with clients different methods and techniques to assist clients find ways of dealing their issues.

I also support clients through their own ‘life journey’ helping them find their own way forward and to identify and explore issues that may be holding them back.


  • Bachelor of Medical Science
  • Advance Diploma in Nursing Studies (specialising in Mental Health)
  • SNHS DIP ( Life Coaching Stress and Relaxation Management)
  • Dip Clinical and Therapeutic Hypnotherapy
  • Diploma in Life Coaching and Stress Mangement

Governing Bodies

Maggie's Philosophy of Care

Maggie IrwinAs humans we all have immense potential and I am passionate about assisting and enabling my clients to realize theirs. I endeavor to motivate my clients to be the best people they can be, encouraging them to stretch themselves to achieve and succeed.

To enable clients to achieve and succeed however, they must be willing to risk and leave their comfort zone. We cannot learn about ourselves or reach our optimum level, until we are prepared to work towards change.

We can only do this by gaining new experiences and looking at life from a new perspective.

I believe although we are afraid at times, we should still risk because when we risk our confidence is boosted. By risking it also builds and maintains our own self worth and self development.

After all ‘a journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step, if we don’t step up to the mark, we stay where we are’. However, we need to maintain a balance in our lives by ensuring that we feel energized while feeling and being in control.

I have worked with many people over the years and in my experience, as humans we need to be true to ourselves. It is good to be challenged and to feel stretched but not to breaking point!

By constantly monitoring our feelings and being aware of situations and how they make us feel. We can ensure that our mental, physical and emotional health is maintained.